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Below are just a sampling of dentist’s testimonials of the quality workmanship and service that Schroeder Dental Lab has provided.

Strengths include fast turnaround, quick resolution of problems, and custom color matching. Quality and service are the best. Fees are great. Overall, Schroeder is the best, world-class.

Dr. Leonard S.

Schroeder Lab consistently delivers a truly superior case, time and time again.

Dr. Mark C.

Schroeder Dental Lab has always come through on even my most difficult cases. I always know that the quality of their work is consistently exceptional.

Dr. Timothy T.

I have used Schroeder Dental Lab for over 10 years. Their consistency in quality and service is legendary. They are always on the cutting edge with new materials and techniques.

Dr. Bill M.

I have used Schroeder Dental Laboratory for 28 years. They have always been at the top of their game. Not only are they tremendously honest, but they always work with you to make the best restoration possible.

Dr. Michael R.

Love these people! Best lab I've ever found. I've sent them over 1000 cases, and I could count the remakes on one hand. World-class quality and world-class service. On a scale of 1 to 10, Schroeder Lab is a 10!

Dr. Jay G.

Excellent communication and craftsmanship. Exceptional quality at very good prices. My overall satisfaction could not be higher.

Dr. Raymond L.