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About Us

Changing Times

Dentists today are faced with the challenge of satisfying the increased esthetic demands of their patients. Television shows featuring radical makeovers have made the public more aware of the dramatic effects of cosmetic dentistry. As a result, patients are more educated about their restorative options.

Cutting Edge Technology and Materials

As cosmetic dentistry moves forward, we are dedicated to delivering the latest materials and technology to our clients in order to provide them with a competitive advantage. Although we have all of this new technology at our disposal, we haven't forgotten what's gotten us to where we are today... and that's good old fashioned customer service.

Customer Service First

Even though we have grown over the years and now service accounts across the country, we still strive to maintain that small family business feel. We examine all cases coming into the lab and do the final quality control check on all cases leaving the lab. By maintaining this hands-on philosophy, we are confident that each and every restoration delivered to our clients consistently meets the high standard we have set at Schroeder Dental Lab for the past 90 years.

The Schroeder Dental Lab History

Schroeder Dental Laboratory, Inc. was founded in 1919 by Arthur J. Schroeder in the city of Chicago. Today, the laboratory remains under the control of the Schroeder family and is located in Northbrook, Illinois.

pioneers in Dental Technology

Through the years, Arthur J. Schroeder proudly exclaimed that he and his technicians were "pioneers in dental technology". That phrase is still applicable today as Schroeder Lab continues to forge new trails using state of the art systems for fabricating cosmetic dental restorations.

Dedicated to our clients

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a competitive advantage by making available state-of-the-art dental restorations with an uncompromising commitment to quality.

Highest Level of Professional Integrity

We will adhere to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity when dealing with our customers, vendors and employees.

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