Full Cast Crown

The Ultimate In Dependability

Full Cast Crowns have been a mainstay from the very beginning. Polished to a mirror like finish, with all contacts refined on a solid model, makes this restoration a real winner. Schroeder Dental Lab is committed to quality products with all your cases.

  • Plaque resistant.
  • The most durable dental material, known for its exceptional biocompatibility. Full cast gold boasts superior wear resistance and is highly compatible with the body’s natural environment.
  • Long-Term solution, with proper oral hygiene, full cast crowns have the potential to endure for an impressive span of 30-40 years.
  • Our range of alloys includes noble and high noble varieties in white and yellow, as well as a non-precious option.
  • Gold crowns exhibit superior biocompatibility, attributed to their highly polished and thin margin areas. Remarkably, the pathogens display no affinity for gold, resulting in fewer pathogenic complications.

If you are a Dentist or Dental Facility seeking a Dental Lab partner to produce your Full Cast Crowns, Schroeder Dental Lab is the answer. Schroeder Dental Lab has been working with dentists helping create beautiful smiles across the United States since 1919!